Our Apps

AppSana Pro for Asana Offline with Notifications

Enjoy Asana Offline! AppSana Pro - provides a native Asana experience even while you are up in the air. Maximize your productivity and create more space in your life.


Sleep preventer for your Mac. If you don't sleep, your mac also shouldn't.


Appsana is perfectly fitting to your requirements if you use Asana on your Mac and if you also hate to use it in a browser!!!

Boards for Trello

Boards for Trello provides easy access to Trello through an isolated interface without the hassle of browsers.

AppVision for InVision Prototyping Platform!

Support freedom! AppVision is a dedicated app for InVision - world's most powerful design prototyping tool.

Podler for Podio

Podler is a gorgeous app that integrates with Podio. Designed to be the perfect client for Podio with Smart Tabs, Screen Lock option, Dark Mode support.

URoom for udemy Courses

URoom is a dedicated solution for browser free udemy courses watching experience.