Podler for Podio

Podler is a gorgeous app that integrates with Podio. Designed to be the perfect client for Podio with Smart Tabs, Screen Lock option, Dark Mode support.

# Smart Tabs
For jumping light-speed between workspaces and projects. With keyboard shortcuts support.

# Quick Lock
You can simply lock Wrapp with a 4-Digit PIN. Protect your tasks without logging out from Podio. With a single-click lock button and keyboard shortcut support.

# Retina-ready, smooth & Dark Mode Support
You will make use of every pixel of Podler. It’s retina-ready and has smooth interface with Dark Mode support.

* Podler remembers the last page you have visited.
* Your links will open your default browser.
* Copy or share Current URL option.
* Quick Launch taskbar icon (with icon hiding option)
* Always on top option.
* Home, Back, Forward buttons. And you can set your own Podio Home Page.
* Fullscreen support for maximized Podio experience.