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Top 5 Best Free Writing Apps for Mac in 2019

Here are top 5 best writing apps for Mac users. These are suitable for short notes and even for long prose. So, the writers and businessmen can equally try any of them.

Everyone follows a different form of writing. Some people need an app that gives them full-fledged writing to descript the novels while others need a small form of writing for the sites. However, a writing app can help everyone to write a district-free and relevant description. If you are using a good writing app, it will make you focused on the main topic. So, by practicing regularly, you learn the art of writing properly. Here, I am listing the best Free Writing Apps for Mac in 2019. You can select the one that suits your writing needs.

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Best Free Writing Apps for Mac

Bear Writing App

Bear Writing App for Mac

Bear is a flexible and reliable app to take notes for the Mac users. It is compatible with Mac OS. The clean user interface comes with all important features in an icon that appear on Home Screen. You can use it to take notes, edit notes, the link between multiple notes and for particular hashtag categorization. The app is very simple to use. Grammar and spell checking tool works fast in the app. You can take notes in a simple editor and in markdown editor as well. It organizes your notes automatically.


  • A compact tool
  • Complete notebook with all editing features
  • Supports Markdown editor
  • Easy to use
  • Free app
  • Ability to link multiple notes


  • Clunky to link multiple notes

Download Bear


Grammarly for Mac

Grammarly is an amazing writing app for Mac users. It is the best writing tool to improve your writing style. When you start writing in it, the app shows you the mistakes with the usage examples. So, you start writing in a better style gradually. It is compatible with MS Office, web browsers, WordPress and with the social networking sites. Even you can use it on mobile devices too. I have been using Grammarly for several years and I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love it because the app works intelligently to improve the writing style. I hate it because it does not accept passive voice. Grammarly is a free tool that works finely to improve mistakes in phrases, sentence, and even vocabulary. When you repeat a particular word for several times, it shows you some better options to replace it. So, the improved work seems neat and relevant without mistakes. It works on the basis of 250 rules of grammar to improve your writing pattern.


  • Improves Grammar
  • Improves sentence structure
  • Removes the repetition of words
  • Free app
  • Compatible with the browser, MS office, and social networks
  • Organizes documents automatically


  • Does not accept Passive Voice

Download Grammarly


LibreOffice for Mac

Now, you do not need to pay for the Office suite. LibreOffice brings free writing app for Mac users. It includes all of the writing tools you need in an office. LibreOffice Writer is a word processing tool, the drawing, maths, base, impress, calc and many more tools are included in LibreOffice. The app supports the plugins. It is the best alternative to MS-Word. It saves all of your documents as does the MS-Office. The simple app comes with an easy user interface.


  • A simple and free app
  • Easy user interface
  • Grammar & spell checker included
  • All necessary office components added
  • Compatible with Mac, iOS devices and other platforms


  • None

Download LibreOffice

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor for Mac

Hemingway Editor is an amazing writing tool for the people who love taking notes and writing prose. It simplifies the writing style to make it easily understandable. You will love using it as it comes with grammar checker to make your write up authentic.  The app is free to use. The easy user interface makes it convenient to use the app. Even a newbie can easily use it.


  • Free writing tool
  • Fast spell and Grammar check
  • Compatible with all Operating Systems
  • Simplifies the write-up


  • Hates Passive Voice

Download Hemingway Editor


Evernote app for Mac

Evernote is an amazing app loved by the majority of the writers. The app comes with all essential writing tools. You can use it to take notes, write long descriptions and novels, etc. It is a handy app that organizes your ideas. You can create a checklist and to-do lists by using this handy app. It is a free app that helps polish your writing skills.


  • Free app
  • Clean user interface
  • All writing tools included
  • Best to create checklists and to-do lists
  • Compactly sized app


  • The free version comes with limited storage memory

Download Evernote


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