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Top 5 Note Taking Apps for Mac in 2019

Taking notes during a meeting becomes essential sometimes. Taking notes on paper makes the ideas cluttered as they are not organized properly. Here are the best note taking apps for the people who prefer organized notes.

While attending a meeting or preparing a presentation, you want to take important notes. It becomes crucial to write fast on paper. However, a note-taking app can be the solution for the people who type faster than writing.

Best Notes Taking Apps for Mac


Evernote for Mac

Evernote is its own synchronized system and the app comes in two versions. The free version has limited features. However, the premium version includes only a few additional features. So, the free version is equally beneficial for you. The “Web Clipper” feature allows you to add the images, snippets, and texts from a webpage. Even, it allows you to add the links and the entire webpage. Your notes are well-organized and easy to find and browse. The app is trustworthy to keep your data stored for years without being affected, stolen and corrupted. You can format your notes such as create reminder alerts, audio notes, and checklists and add attachments, etc.  The premium version of the app allows you to transform the emails into notes.


  • Reminder combines to-do lists and notes
  • Reliable app to store data for a long time
  • Consolidate information from different sources to one place
  • Organize notes
  • Snippets feature


  • Undo feature not included
  • The free version can be used for 2 devices only
  • Old user interface

Download Evernote

Notebook – Take Notes, Sync

Notebook for Mac OS

The Notebook is an easy app for the users of Mac. You can take important notes, create checklists and capture moments by using it. Furthermore, it allows you to record audio. So, you are free to take notes in writing and voice. Every note is quickly synced to your device and cloud. It comes with “Smart Cards” feature. Everything you add to the Notebook is arranged into the relevant category automatically. It contains Recipe card, Video card, Link card and many others according to the content. The feature “Notable Gestures” allows you to navigate without touching the mouse. The powerful search function allows you to search your notes quickly. You can customize and organize the stuff by using the simple options on the home screen.


  • A free app
  • No ads
  • Web clipper for browsers


  • A bit slow app

Download Notebook


Simplenote for Mac

Simplenote is a great app that can be used anywhere to take notes. It keeps your stuff well-organized in different categories. So, you can search an important file instantly by using the tag. It allows you to share or publish your notes online. Whenever you make an amendment in the notes, the amendments are backed up quickly. It is a free app that allows you to backup, sync your data, and share it online and to take important notes. The app comes with Markdown support. Everything written can be previewed or published in Markdown format.


  • Works offline and online
  • Free app
  • Changes in the notes are readily updated
  • Available for almost all Operating Systems
  • Very simple to use
  • Clean user interface


  • The search limited to one tag only

Download Simplenote


Dynalist for Mac OS

You can use Dynalist to keep unlimited notes and store them in an organized way. The app allows you to work in a better way to explain your biggest ideas. It is a powerful app that allows you to connect the relevant phrases to complete your plans. You need to write a few phrases to explain the plan and the rest of the things Dynalist will complete. The notes you add in Dynalist, are organized in the relevant category as the system works intelligently to organize your data. You can access it from anywhere to track your tasks saved in it. Even you can create the checklists, reminders and sync dates with Google Calendar.


  • Regularly Updated
  • Free app
  • Automatically organizes data
  • Take notes, set reminders and sync dates with Google Calendar
  • Access from anywhere


  • Limited export options

Download Dynalist


Boostnote for Mac OS

It has been specifically designed for the programmers. If you take the Markdown notes, the app quickly saves them.  It allows you to code snippets in more than 100 languages of the world including Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python and many others. When you take the notes, they are quickly backed up. Boostnote is available for all platforms. You can export the text files, Markdown files and of course you can preview them too.


  • Easy User Interface
  • Well organized categories
  • Available for all platforms
  • Supports Markdown
  • Open source and free app


  • Poor syncing
  • Can’t work in offline mode

Download Boostnote


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