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Top 5 Productivity Apps for Mac in 2019

If you want to enhance your creativity, follow our list of top 5 best productivity apps for Mac below and avoid wasting a lot of time in useless tasks.

Whether you are working on a professional or your personal project, you will be searching for the ways to improve your productivity. Have you ever thought that you have wasted a lot of time clicking, typing and organizing your important files? It affects your productivity that remains half I guess. Finally, at the end of the day, you have done only half of the tasks as you have wasted a long portion of your time in facing the messed up things.

Here, I have brought the top 5 apps to increase your productivity for Mac OS. These are the best apps indeed. You will love using them to improve your productivity. Here they are.

Best Productivity Apps for Mac


Magnet app for Mac

To have an organized workplace can enhance your productivity. Magnet app allows you to experience an organized workplace. So, you will love the way Magnet works. It splits the screen to drag up to 6 apps at the same time to work on all of them side by side. So, you do not waste your time in switching from one to another app for multitasking. If you need to copy the data from one source and paste it to another place, Magnet is the best and works faster to provide you the required results. To enhance the efficiency of the app, it allows you to customize the shortcuts.


  • Supports up to six external displays
  • Organizes the files
  • Best for copy, compare and multitasking


  • It is not free to use

Download Magnet


Todoist for Mac

It is available for iOS and Mac devices. Todoist is highly beneficial for all of your personal and professional projects such as taking notes, organizing files in separate sections, etc. The Quick Add feature captures and organizes the tasks. The Reminder of the app allows you to recall the deadlines and due dates for every task. It allows you to highly the priority tasks. The app contains the best organization features such as task creation, browser extension, and many others. The app is available in free and paid tools. The free version is the same as the paid one but lacks a few features. However, you can enhance your productivity if you use the paid version.


  • Includes “auto-organized” feature
  • Quick Add feature
  • Highlight Priority tasks
  • Available for iOS and Mac OS
  • Comes in paid and free versions


  • None

Download Todoist

Alfred 3

Alfred 3 for Mac

Alfred 3 is a stunning productivity app for Mac. It brings a wide array of hotkeys and keywords you can use to search online and Mac OS. You become more productive by using Alfred. Squillions of people around the world love using Alfred 3. The app allows you to find the files stored on your Mac or online. It learns how you use the search feature and prioritize the results. The use of hotkeys and keywords enables you to save hours while using your Mac OS. The Clipboard History and Snippets are distinguished features of Alfred. Clipboard History finds the texts or photos that have been copied earlier.  The Snippets feature allows you to create a list of abbreviations to search for a thing. So, you type less and say more.


  • Clipboard History feature
  • Snippets feature
  • Search and Browse tool
  • Powerpack feature to cut down the repetitive manual tasks


  • None

Download Alfred 3


TextExpander App for Mac

TextExpander allows you to add the text snippets from boilerplate or emails, etc. You can set your own abbreviations on various snippets of texts. So, it becomes easy for you to search and add something by using the hotkeys. It is a productivity multiplier tool that allows you to communicate quickly by using your Mac OS. Undoubtedly, you can consider it your second brain as it shows you the predictions on what you need to write ahead. The app comes with a sharing feature to share the messages, signatures, and descriptions to expand the text in all members.


  • Time-saving app
  • Snippets feature
  • Text expander included
  • Sharing feature to communicate, send message, signatures, and descriptions in no time.


  • A bit costly app

Download TextExpander


Krisp App for Mac

it enhances your productivity by taking calls automatically. So, you do not need to be worried if your baby is crying or you are at the airport where the background noise is too much irritating. It will take the calls and separates the noise in your surroundings. So, you get a clean voice. It is a perfect app for conference calls so that the productivity of the professional personnel could be enhanced. Furthermore, it provides you maximum privacy you required for your data. It has been designed with a special purpose of privacy.


Recognizes your voice and separate it from Noise

Best for Conference Calls

Free app

Easy to use



Download Krisp


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