Bully: Anniversary apk & MOD apk [Unlimited Money & Coins]

Rockstar brings your old high school days back when you were enthusiastic to solve word problems and to win the the girls.

Rockstar Games present an addictive game for the players where you play the role of 15 years old Jimmy Hopkins. Being a mischievous boy, you play pranks, win the girls if you go cunningly and survive a year in the school. The school is worst in its kind and you need to play with agility and cut the jokes to get more and more points. Enjoy the school life with all dignity. The challenges in biology classes and mini-games, and solve word problems in different subjects to get more points.

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Bully: Anniversary MOD apk

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The original Bully: Anniversary game is not free to download. If you want to download the game, you will pay the subscription fees. Furthermore, the in-app purchases in the game are also not free. You need either high scores or money to purchase the items in the game. Bully: Anniversary MOD apk comes with energy and solved puzzle games. The MOD version of the game also brings unlimited money for you. So, by using the power of purse you can buy everything in the game. It also allows you to unlock the locked things and features of the game. So, enjoy this premium game without paying even a single penny.

Impress your friends with your performance and high scores. You can take screenshots of the high scores and share with your friends to make them inspired.


Bully: Anniversary Features

The game includes some exceptional missions. You need to complete Bully story by using the images, missions, characters, and mini-games. You will unlock different items to complete Bully story in a faster way.

The 3D graphics of the game deliver stunning visuals and make the lighting and shadows particularly more impressive.

Bully apk free download

The game includes a social club where you sit with friends and enjoy social gatherings. The school teachers and other people are also present around you.

The intelligent touch controls of the game come with contextual buttons.

The game is not free to download and play. You can download the game by paying the subscription fee.

So, get ready to enjoy high school life and be ready to win or lose the girls you love. The life you select in the school shapes your future days. The game is full of action and adventure.




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