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CinemApp is a unique app that brings a combination of movies and games for Android users.

CinemApp is a unique app to bring your favorite movies and games to your Android device. It is a unique app where all your entertainment lies. You can play different games with your friends. You can make new friends and even you can watch the trailers of upcoming movies. So, the app is greatly helpful if you want to buy your favorite movie. Don’t waste your money until you come to know the content of the movie. So, CinemApp brings a wide range of movies from different genres on your fingertips.

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CinemApp Features

Find nearby Theaters

By using the app, you can discover Showtimes in UK and Ireland. It also brings the list of UK and Ireland movie theatres. Just put your location in the box and it will show all the nearby movie theatres for you.

Before watching the movie, watch the trailers and see what the people are saying about it on Twitter and CinemApp. It will bring more convenience for you to select a movie that is perfectly according to your taste.

Unlimited movies from the past and present lie in different categories in CinemApp. It also contains a list of upcoming movies. So, you can watch their trailers to know the content and genre.

Filmology Quiz

Filmology allows you to test your knowledge regarding cinema and movies. You can enjoy playing different quizzes to test your knowledge. It is the best boredom-killing activity you can enjoy with your friends.

You can watch unlimited movies. The list of “Watched Movies” saves all such movies you have recently watched. So, if you want to watch it again, you do not need to go through different categories. Go to the “Watched Movies” section and find your desired movie there.

CinemApp allows you to send and receive messages to your friends. It has faster messaging service for the people using CinemApp.

The “Share” feature allows you to share your favorite movies on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

It does not consume the excessive battery of your mobile. That’s why every time when you reload CinemApp, it does not reload the cinema list in your area. So, make sure, you are using an updated list of cinema theatres in your area.


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