Clean Master apk for Android & PC [Latest Version]

Clean Master comes with some useful tools packed in one pocket to clean your mobile's junk and to provide protection from malicious virus.

While using an Android device, you often get a message that you have low storage space and you cannot install so and so apps. It becomes disappointing sometimes. You do not know how to get some more space to install your favorite apps. Sometimes, you see that your Android device is getting stuck and it is due to a malicious app installed on your phone. It becomes necessary to get rid of such apps. So, you can free up space from your phone by installing a powerful tool. You can install another tool for a better performance of your phone. Why installing so many apps when Clean Master is here?

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Clean Master Features

Antivirus in clean master

Clean Master is a renowned app used by millions of users around the world. It is used to clean the antivirus and other malicious apps from your device.

Furthermore, it is used to free up the storage space too. The residuals of the files, cache and junk files remain present in your phone even if you delete the apps. If unnecessary files are present on your phone, they will be occupying much space in it. So, it can affect the performance of RAM too. You can free up some space in your phone by using Clean Master.

The app includes a built-in antivirus that works effectively to detect malicious apps and files in your phone. It instantly blocks harmful virus to make your phone secure from such apps and Trojans. The antivirus tool of Clean Master is certified by AV-TEST. So, its performance is exceptional.

Some people use public WiFi that is insecure to use and often their data is stolen. So, Clean Master comes with WiFi security feature. WiFi Security feature immediately detects fake WiFi connections. It also detects insecure public WiFi. So, your data remains safe and secure by using Clean Master.

Phone Boost in Clean Master app

Boost Mobile feature speeds up your phone with one tap. When you select the “Boost Mobile” option, it immediately starts the freeing up process. Once the process ends, it runs “Speed test” the difference between previous and present speed.

Game Master is another vital part of Clean Master. It allows you to manage your games. It boosts the loading speed of your favorite games. Besides, it allows you to get some fun games here.

Charge Master keeps an eye on your mobile when it is on charging. It displays charging status. When it is fully charged, it displays an alert for you. So, this useful feature of Clean Master prevents overcharging.



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