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This addictive game keeps you busy all the day long in sneaking the basement of your neighbor to figure out the horrifying secrets concealed in it.

Hello Neighbor is a horror game where you sneak into your neighboring home to know what kind of horrible facts he is hiding from you. You search the basement in his absence. Every moment, you feel someone is looking at you and he will catch you red-handed. This adventure turns the game into the most thrilling episode where you enjoy the realistic climbing the backyard window. But, you have to beware of some snares your neighbor has put in the backyard to trap the bear, etc. Beware of the cameras. If your neighbor detects you, he will find a shortcut to catch you red-handed.

In short, the game brings a longer adventurous episode for you to enjoy with your friends. Use your detective skills and be a perfect detective to bring the horrible facts of your neighbor into the spotlight.

Hello neighbor horror game

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Hello Neighbor Salient Features

Sneak into Your Neighbor's Basement

The game is for the teenagers. It is not for the kids below 12 years of age.

It is free to download and play. However, there are some in-app purchases that will cost you the real money or the point’s money, you win in the game.

It runs only on Android 7.0 and above OS. So, before downloading, check the compatibility of the game with your handset.

You need an internet connection to play the game.

It is a horror survival game where you have given the task to sneak into your neighbor’s basement to reveal the horrifying truths he has concealed from you. If he detects your presence, you will die. So, you need to survive while playing the game cunningly.

Beware of Snares

The game is full of thrilling challenges. You have to face not only your deadly neighbor but also the snares, traps, and cameras fixed by your neighbor to catch an unwanted presence. So, you need to be very careful while completing your task.

The game comes with the Artificial Intelligence. So, it changes the mood of your neighbor when you take action. For example, if he feels your presence in the cameras, he will quickly access you by using a shortcut and will kill you. So, you have to play the game with great care.

This brain-teasing game brings out your detective skills to enhance your thinking power. You continuously think about a way out to sneak into your neighbor’s basement to know the truth. This addictive game keeps you mesmerized all the day long.


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