My Boy GBA Emulator apk for Windows PC & Android

My Boy! GBA Emulator is one of the best GBA Emulators by Nintendo to run all the GBA Games in your Android phone.

My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator is among the 5 GBA Emulators built by Nintendo. It allows you to play any GBA game on your Android phone or tablet. There may be different Android games your phone does not support. However, this GBA Emulator ensures your access to the game for unlimited hours. It emulates the game and you play it fast.

You can play any GBA game on any Android device by using this amazing GBA emulator. Some games like Super Mario, Pokemon, Minecraft, and others need special settings if you want to play them on your Android 4.0. This emulator makes it easier for you to play the game faster and you can play all the GBA games without being stuck for a moment.

Download My Boy! GBA Emulator

My Boy! GBA Emulator contains the amazing video filters that support GLSL shaders in the game.

The emulator comes with the fast-forward feature that is highly beneficial if you want to skip the long stories. It also allows you to slow down the game to compare it with your action in the past level.

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Salient Features of GBA Emulator

Here are some prominent features of GBA Emulator to let you know how beneficial it is.

The emulator has no compatibility issue with any game. When you use it to run any GBA game, it will show you no error or no lags. Even you can run Castlevania by using GBA Emulator.

GBA Emulator free download

The graphics, sounds in the game and even the control system are adjustable by using this GBA Emulator. So, the settings are quite easy for you while using it.

The On-screen keypad allows you to control your games quite easily. If you want to use the “multi-touch” feature for multiplayer GBA games, you need to download the game in Android 2.0 or above version. It also ensures the shortcut buttons for easy access to features such as to save and load, etc.

The emulator accompanies Gyroscope, tilt/solar sensor and rumble emulation. So, you will enjoy the rumbling effects in the games while playing. The tilting feature enables you to tilt the screen to move your characters to the right or left.

Best GBA Emulator

A very powerful screen layout editor accompanies the GBA Emulator. It helps in defining the on-screen controls if you are using any. It also detects the accurate size and position of all the on-screen controls.


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