Opera VPN apk Free Download for Windows and Android

Opera VPN allows you to access the restricted sites without paying subscription fees.

Opera is one of the renowned web browsers for the users. Besides web browsing, it also contains very special features to accommodate the users in different ways. Opera VPN is a part of Opera that blocks the ad trackers quickly. When you use the Opera VPN, your current location will be masked and it quickly changes the location. Sometimes, there are some sites where you get the message “Access Denied” because the content is location restricted. So, you need to use a strong VPN that could access the content by changing your virtual location. Opera VPN performs this service for you without any subscription fees. You can download it free from the link given below.

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Salient Features of Opera VPN

Opera VPN is a free VPN that changes your virtual location. It is the fastest VPN service that is reliable for the users to change the location.

The VPN services are provided by SurfEasy Inc that has a 20 years history in the web browsing and innovation field. This VPN service has more than 350 million people from all over the world.

It is absolutely safe and secure and keeps your privacy secret. The VPN services are free, but reliable for the users.

This VPN service comes with all of your favorite apps as “built-in” apps in the interface. You can use Facebook, Google, Instagram, Google, and many more apps while using the VPN service.

Opera VPN smooth navigation

The ad blocker feature of Opera VPN blocks the ads and cookie dialogs for the users quickly and ensures easy access to the restricted sites.

For every built-in app, you can save the password in it. This feature allows you to save all the passwords in the app for every site differently. So, you do not need to add password time and again while using Opera VPN app.

The Autofill feature is absolutely safe and secure. It keeps your debit/credit card numbers quite safe and secure. So no worries, if you are using Opera VPN for online shopping at any site. It does not allow the hackers to obtain your data.

The Night Mode in the app allows you to view the content in a comfortable mode. The night mode protects your eyes from color effects and enables you to read your desired documents for hours.

Opera VPN Service

Note: Sometimes, the VPN does not work. If it happens, you need to restart the connection. Disconnect the connection and reconnect it. If the error still persists, you need to reboot the handset and reconnect the VPN services.


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