Rules of Survival apk & MOD apk [Unlimited Power and Coins]

Rules of Survival is the first person shooter game where you face challenging situations throughout the game.

The game Rules of Survival comes with unlimited battles where you will fight the epic combats with your enemies. All is about the survival of one person. If you win, you will survive otherwise, the game is over. It brings unlimited action for the players. The game Rules of Survival is indeed an ideal game for the lovers of action games. There are over 230 million players of this game. It comes with the most thrilling situations when you have a narrow escape.

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Rules of Survival MOD apk

The MOD version of the game comes with great eases for the players. If you want to buy the latest firearms, you need a lot of money to get them. You cannot kill your enemies with a simple gun. So, the MOD version brings unlimited coins for you. Furthermore, it also unlocks the locked weapons so that you could use any of the latest weapons to win the game.

The game allows you to win the battles with great ease. You are superior in the power, life chances, wealth and arms.


Salient Features of Rules of Survival

The game comes with 8×8 km map where you will battle with 300 people to survive. Among the 300 people, only one will survive. So, with the first scene, your battle begins and you have to struggle for survival.

You move ahead in the game while using the latest devices like infrared scan, etc.

Fast and Furious action leads you towards the success. If you are slow, you may be in danger and your life is at a risk. Before someone kills you, it is important to work faster to search for others and kill them.

For the movement from one area to another area, you can use different vehicles. But make sure, you are moving wisely without being noticed by others.

If you need help, the “Help” feature is here to contact the developer.

Nothing present in your surroundings is useless. So, try to use your brain and keep collecting the important things to use them later.

The game comes in two different modes i.e. Solo and Team mode. Both the modes contain 120 surviving battles.

If you want to win the game, there are only two options in the game for you, i.e. Fight or Fight. So, you have to keep fighting in the game with agile movement. It can win you the game.

A variety of firearms and other useful accessories are available to use in the battle.


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