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Download Sixaxis Controller apk Latest Version

Sixaxis Controller app allows you to use PlayStation 3, PS4 and other controllers with great ease to play your favorite games.

Sixaxis Controller enables you to use PlayStation 3, PS4, DualShock 3 Wireless Controller and PlayStation Move Navigation Controller. So, you can play your favorite games in all the devices in your desired way. The Sixaxis Controller has a compatibility issue with a few devices. So, it is recommended for you to download Sixaxis Compatibility Checker before you purchase the Sixaxis Controller. The compatibility checker is also available on Google Play Store.

Sixaxis App Settings Section

Download & Install Sixaxis Controller apk

Tap the “Download” button given at the bottom of this section.

Tap the downloaded apk to start the installation process. It will complete within a few seconds as the app is in a compact size.

Connect the app with your controller and enjoy playing different games.

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2.3 and up

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Sixaxis Controller Salient Features

The root access is the main feature of the Sixaxis Controller.

If you are not using an Original controller, there may be a compatibility issue with this app. It only works with the original controllers. Some after-market controllers are also available that will not get connected.

There are some fake controllers that also seem working with this app. They are made by Gasia. So, you can use the app to connect the fake controllers made by Gasia too. However, you need to check the compatibility first.

Sixaxis Controller app allows you to connect four controllers at the same time. You can connect four Sixaxis, DualShock 3, or DualShock 4 controllers at the same time to play your favorite game.

Pairing With Controllers

It supports the analog sticks and triggers in Android 3.1 and above devices. So, you can use it as a native gamepad in such devices.

Keyboard emulation feature in the app allows you to map all the buttons, triggers and sticks in your devices.

Mouse Emulation button in the Sixaxis Controller apk enables you to turn on the mouse pointer on your device. So, the tablets and phones will work with it.

Another great feature is the Touch emulation. By using this feature, you map the buttons and analog sticks. So, you can play your desired games with full analog support.

How to Use the Sixaxis Controller App

When you open the Sixaxis Controller App, you will see several buttons and tabs there.

The Start, Stop buttons act to start and stop listening to the controllers. Change the IME button enables you to activate and select a particular input method. When you are using the Sixaxis app, you need to activate and select “Sixaxis Controller” for best results.

Sixaxis LED Colors

Pair option is also here if you want to manually pair the phone with the controller.

When you have opened the app, you need to select the “Menu” key on your device and select the “Preferences” tab from there.

Here, you will see various settings regarding the General, Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse and Touch Emulation, etc.


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