Download Subway Surfers Unlocked London apk for Android

Enjoy the world tour in Subway Surfers while running on foot or availing the Hoverboard option.

Subway Surfer is a very interesting game that is highly demanded by not only the kids, but also by the youngsters. Even the mature people also like to play this game to kill the boredom. When the game starts, you have to keep running by crossing different hurdles and obstacles in your way. Be quick in the game to collect more and more coins on the way. Your agility in the early stages of the game takes you to the Hoverboard surfing and even to the skies where you can collect more and more coins while floating in the air.

Collect coins to avail hoverboard


Download for Android


4.1 and up

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How to Download & Install Subway Surfers apk

Tap the button “Download” in the above section to download the apk of the game.

Since the apk is 88MB in size, it may take several minutes to download.

Once it gets downloaded, tap the apk and select “Install” to start the installation process.

The installation finishes within a few minutes.

Now select “Open” to launch the game.

Interesting characters of Subway Surfers

Salient Features of Subway Surfers

The game is all about running and collecting coins. It takes you to the world tour where currently you visit Zurich. Enjoy the realistic visit of Zurich while collecting the coins and points in the game.

It has lovely graphics to mesmerize the players. The graphics come with truly natural colors to give a real touch to the surrounding where you are running.

The game does not come with monotony. So, it keeps shifting the scenes to maintain your interest in the race. Initially, you are running on the rail tracks. Later, you will find yourself running on the roads in Zurich. You have to run skillfully while avoiding the collision with the coming traffic. It becomes critical for the players to run in the rushy areas of the city.

Now you are on the highway, the next moment you are running along a river. The beautiful nature around you keeps you captivated all the time when you play the game.

All you need in the game is agility and active running. You can run lightning fast by showing acrobatic movements.

Visit of Zurich in Subway Surfers

The only target you have is to collect coins and points. At some places, you may see coins in an impassable place. Here, you need to decide cunningly whether you should get them or not. Decide and dive quickly to avoid the police officer chasing you.

In the latest version of the game, you will explore the mesmerizing mountains and the streets of Zurich decorated beautifully for Easter.


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