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Keep your personal images and videos safe and secure by using the Vault app that creates multiple Vaults for all of your stuff.

When your mobile is in the access of others like your family members or friends, it is not your personal device. They may view the personal photos and videos in the gallery. So, you cannot hide anything from their access. The best way to keep them away from your personal data is to use the Vault app. It hides the photos and videos from unauthorized access. Your friends and even any other person cannot view anything you want to hide from them. It is used across the world. Currently, more than 100 million people around the globe are using it to maintain the privacy for their videos and images.

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Salient Features of Vault App

Take Backup of images and videos

It is a password protected app that allows you to import your videos and images in it. Nobody without a password can view the stuff in Vault. It is safe to view and play the videos/images.

You can back up these photos to Cloud Space if you want higher level security for them.

The app comes with a call reminder. It is greatly useful when you are watching a video or viewing your images and there is an incoming call. The alert also tells you whether it is a spam call, from a telemarketer or a package delivery call.

The App Lock feature allows you to secure your social apps, images, call history, and other apps.

The Private browser in the app allows you to surf the internet without leaving traces of the web surfing behind. The Private bookmark feature allows you to bookmark important links without being noticed by others.

The Cloud Backup feature enables you to transfer your data from an old phone to the new phone. Even, it allows you to transfer data from PC to Android and vice versa.

There are multiple vaults you can create. So, you can store your photos, videos and other personal content in all of them. The app allows you to create multiple vaults along with a fake vault to show your loved ones if they insist.

If you forget your password, there is a recovery option for you. The recovery of the password is very convenient by using a security email. While using the Vault, you can set a security email in it. So, whenever you forget the password, you can recover by using that email.

The Stealth Mode of the app does not let the app appear on the Home Page of your Android phone. So, no one can view the app in your phone. If you want to find the app, you need to add the correct password.


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