Zooper Widget Pro apk & MOD apk [Premium Features Unlocked]

Zooper Widget Pro apk brings a combination of different widgets packed in one.

Zooper Widget is not precisely a widget but makes your Home Screen more stylish and functional. It is a combination of different widgets such as a clock, weather, and battery level, etc. The app comes in two different versions. The free version does not include many features. However, Zooper Widget pro comes with a dozen of unique features.

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Zooper Widget Pro MOD apk

Zooper Widget Pro MOD is available without a subscription fee. It is free to download. If you get Zooper Widget Pro, you will pay $2.49 to download it. But Zooper Widget Pro MOD gives you free access to all the widgets without a subscription fee. It includes not the current day’s forecast, but up to 5 days’ forecast on various locations around the globe. You can customize the calendar with hundreds of built-in calendar templates.


Zooper Widget Pro Features

The app is a battery-friendly widget and does not consume much volume of the battery.

It is completely customizable. You can customize the clock, date style, weather appearance, and even the battery level too.

Zooper Widget Pro allows you to save templates to your phone’s memory or an external storage device such as MicroSD card, etc.

The app comes with highly beneficial widgets packed in one such as a clock, date, weather, battery level and more. You can change the size of all these widgets to add them to your Home Screen.  For resizing, you can use the resizing tool or by touching and pinching to the widget manually.

Widget background can be reshaped and redesigned according to your preference. You can change the background color if the current color is not desirable.

Location is also customizable. You can change the location and check the perfect place where you want to display a Zooper widget.

Global Preferences is another attractive feature of the app. If you set an appropriate interval to refresh the app, it will surely consume less battery. But you need to set a minimum of 2 hours’ interval so that you get timely updates regarding weather.

It allows you to create your templates. There is no functional limit for such templates. You can create tons of variables and controls.

You can change the style of templates, color, text, shape and even the size of every template.

It shows you battery info such as the remaining time to charge fully, percentage, the current temperature, and voltage, etc.

The world clock also comes with Zooper Widget Pro apk. You can check the current time in different regions of the world.

The weather is not only available in local areas, but also other parts around the globe.


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